To all Medjugorje Centers, Prayer Groups, Pilgrims, Friends and Benefactors and All People of America

My dear friends, brothers and sisters;

I am deeply shaken by the events and images of unprecedented violence against innocent people that has taken place. I am saddened beyond words by the numerous victims and the pain of the innocent.

All this evil has invoked memories of the tragic days of our war and violence against the innocent. You were so close to us in our tragedy. You showed us your exceptional friendship and compassion for our war orphans by accepting more then 1500 of them as God-parents in the United States. Today, we rush to be near you. We desire to be with you in your pain and suffering with heartfelt prayer for strength and consolation to the parents who lost their children. With our prayers and deepest compassion we desire to be with the children saddened by the death of their parents. We desire to be with you who are un-consoled because of the death of your friends and loved ones.

Our Lady the Queen of Peace tells us that we must and can stop this evil, which is present in the entire world, with prayer and fasting. Even your President is calling and encouraging you to pray in order to survive and endure this horrific tragedy.

Our prayers and compassion are with you in the pain and suffering of this difficult trial. We are with you upon our knees in prayer and vigils for your peace and strength; for light in this darkness. Our large prayer community is praying and is celebrating the Eucharist for all of those who have died, for the wounded and for all those who grieve.

Lord God bless all the suffering of this great Nation and its people in this time of trial; bless and keep America in peace. Queen of Peace, we place all of the afflicted and the sorrowful beneath the mantle of your Motherly love. Protect them all and return the lost peace and hope to them.

Dear friends, may our prayers and heartfelt compassion be the kerchief to dry your tears and soften your pain as we share it with you.

With sincerest greetings and deepest sympathies I remain respectfully yours,

September 12, 2001

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