The Cross of Peace


In 1993 devout Croatian villagers of St. James parish built a large cross (Kriz) of concrete, on the summit of 1,700 foot Mt. Krizevac, overlooking the Valley of Medjugorje below. The cross stands 28 feet high (8.5M) and is massive, weighing 68 tons. It was built to commemorate 1900 years from death of CHRIST. An inscription “33-1933” is carved on the back of the cross-arm and “TO JESUS CHRIST REDEEMER” on the front. All material required to build the cross had to be carried by hand up the steep and rocky trail by St. James parishioners. Each year on September 14, the church feast of “The Exultation of the Cross,” to adore and praise JESUS and to honor His CROSS.

On June 24, 1981, six teenagers from a neighboring village told of seeing a beautiful lady in an aura of light on a rocky hillside near Medjugorje. The four girls and two boys were too shy to approach her; she appeared to them again the next day and said she was the Blessed Virgin Mary, and she comes as the “QUEEN OF PEACE.”

Mary has continued appearing to them almost every day, bringing an urgent message fro all men. “I have come to tell the world that God exist, and that PEACE is necessary for the salvation of the world. Mankind must be reconciled with God and with one another.” She calls the world to PEACE and for this to happen, “men must be RECONCILED, PRAY, FAST, BELIEVE and CONVERT their lives to God.” He must be first in our life. You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting you can avert wars, suspended natural disasters. Pray at the foot of the CROSS for PEACE.”

Mary said, “The CROSS on Mt. Krizevac was in God’s plan when you made it.” On August 6th, 1981, the word “MIR,” Croatian for “PEACE” appeared in the sky above the CROSS in large bright letters and was seen throughout the valley. It is estimated to date that more that 20 million pilgrims of all nations and faiths around the world have come to Medjugorje to visit the site of the apparitions and to climb the mountain of the cross to pray at the foot of the CROSS OF PEACE.

It is sincerely hoped that the Cross of Medjugorje, the CROSS OF PEACE, will foster PEACE in our hearts and in the world.And you know that by PRAYER & FASTING each of us individually can really accomplish something for WORLD PEACE.

The included information and quotations are taken from the most current books on Medjugorje and in each; the authors state their acceptance of the final decision of the Church on Medjugorje.

“May all who look upon this cross be healed in Body and in Spirit and find Peace”

* 25 grms of soil from Apparition Hill sealed under each Cross

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