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The movie of Leonardo Leonardo Defilippis received a standing ovation in the Vatican

BEAVERTON, Oregon, MAY 21, 2004 ( "Thérèse," the film about the Carmelite saint of Lisieux, which will première Oct. 1, has already received a standing ovation.

The ovation came last year during a private showing to the Roman Curia. The film was due to be released last autumn, but director Leonardo Defilippis estimated that the company film needed an additional $2 million for it to be shown in cinemas.

The film "is absolutely a work of charity," he was quoted as saying in the Discalced Carmelites' Web page. "It is like a 'little way' made up of little people all over the world who do little things, believing in this project."

"Thérèse" is depending heavily on its official Web page for publicity and on the efforts of volunteers to promote it in cinemas.

Those who want "Thérèse" be shown in their local movie houses can fill out a form on the Web page. The more people who fill out the form, the better the chances for this film to be shown in cinemas.

Defilippis and his wife Patti founded St. Luke Productions, whose affiliate, Luke Films Incorporated, produced "Thérèse."

From the Catholic Information Center:

"Dear Friends of the CIC,

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming release of a motion picture on the life of St. Therese. Here is some information from the makers of the film.

Answering the Holy Father's call for "A New Evangelization," Luke Films, an independent film production and distribution company based in Portland, Oregon, has produced a new motion picture on the life of Saint Therese of Lisieux, also known as "the Little Flower," the most popular saint of modern times. The message of this film is important to the modern world and will make a difference to the lives of children, adolescents, and adults.

Therese is no ordinary motion picture. The production values meet the standards of a major motion picture release and include a touching original motion picture soundtrack, but production was initiated and launched through the enormous demand from the! grassroots level. Luke Films would like to collaborate with everyone who desires to see positive Christian messages on the screen, especially those interested in the Theresian theme of loving God in a "little way." In order to successfully touch as many souls as possible, and to make a difference in our current culture, Therese needs a show of support from the potential movie going audience.

The nationwide theatrical release of Therese is October 1st, 2004, on the feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. As you may already know, Luke Films does not have the PR machinery that Mel Gibson had, and therefore needs your show of support to launch Therese. You can contribute your efforts in touching souls through this film by considering the following avenues:

1. VISIT THE WEBSITE at and click "SEE THERESE" in the upper right corner.

2. SEND A POSTCARD with your name and address to Luke Films, PO Box 761, Beaverton, OR 9707 5.

3. CALL THE LUKE FILMS OFFICE at (800) 683-2998 to have Therese come to your area.

4. INQUIRE ABOUT GROUP SALES. Contact the Operations Department of Luke Films to obtain group sale tickets. Please do not contact a theater directly. Instead, send an email to for assistance.

5. PRAY. Luke Films asks you to offer the motion picture Therese up in your prayers, as it seeks to be a beautiful voice for the evangelization of our culture.

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